From the game Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube

In Monkey Dogfight, there is a level called "Space Monkey Wars" (or something to that extent). Fly all the way to the bottom of level, where you see "valleys" branching off from the center like spokes on a wheel. Fly into this valley, then let go of the control stick while still pressing A. If you are far enough from one of the edges of the wheel, eventually your monkey will start sinking into the ground, until it goes through the entire ground. Then, you will be flying outside of the arena! To reenter, just fly back.

Some strange things happen while outside. There is no more barrier. You can fly as far away from the level as your heart desires, but the game may start locking up. Monkeys still inside the arena can't shoot you, but you can still shoot them. You can use this to your advantage, and collect pineapples before exiting the arena. Also, apparently the "space station" isn't really in space. Flying low causes your monkey to drown in invisible water.

Submitted by: Zanto

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