From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

Go over to the area with the Shine Gate and get on either side of it. Climb on top of one of the baskets that the ladies ask you to bring fruit to and jump and hover to get behind the gate. From here, stand right behind one of the sides of the gate and wall kick off of it, then hover to one of the inside ledges of the gate. You should now be up on the area with the giant shine sprite. Don't worry about cleaning it; you won't be able to get the Sprite that appears until you have the rocket nozzle. Anyway, walk to the very back of the side you are on and do a triple jump towards the screen. It's easiest if you do two small jumps and then do your normal jump for the third. Once you've done that, hover back towards the gate. If your jump was high enough, you should be able to grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Now just jump in the red tunnel and your in the last world before the boss area! It works a lot easier doing the triple jump off of one of the sides since they are straight too. You can try it off of the curved part in front, but it will be much harder. Usually if you do even get the triple jump off of it, you hit one of the sides instead of going towards the outside of the gate. It's probably best to do it from one of the sides.

Submitted by: lazio62

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