From the game Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64.

Do the Get stuck riding on two wheels glitch and ride up the mountain to where the waterfall is (the place you used to get to the beach in the first place). Stick along the right side of the wall and ride all the way along it so you don't drive into the water. When on the ground on the other side of the waterfall (beach or grass), drive up to where Taj is and bang into him. Normally he walks in front of you and asks you a question, but for some reason, being on two wheels confuses him and he continues to try to get in front of you. Since this never stops, you can't continue in the game. Some side effects of this glitch are that he slowly pushes you in different directions. (I [Mitchell] have yet to get him to push me into the water. I am thinking if this is done, there may be some other effects. Also possibly if he pushes you into a wall). Try experimenting with different places and near different objects and see if anything new happens!

Submitted by: Mitchell VanRassel

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