From the game Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo

Go through the level Slipside Ride. At the very end, after all obstacles and the two ropes you have to jump back and forth on, there's a downwards rope that I think has the G at top. Climb the rope, either by holding up or jumping off of it and then back on higher up. This is not part of the glitch, but something sorta glitchy to note. Once you reach the top and try jumping up further, you won't hold on to the rope and fall through the other side. So, that means that the rope is just hovering there. There is no rope in the upper area off the screen. Anyways, when you get to the top, jump off of the rope to the right as far as you can. The camera will stay on the rope for a long time and then slowly move so that it focuses back on you... pretty unusual.

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine

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