From the game Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo

Go through the level Oil Drum Alley. Get Rambi who's in a hole by the middle gate. You can spot the hole by a single banana that you jump to. Then, go backwards a bit before the middle gate and you'll find a blast barrel below you resting on some ground. Jump over the barrel area and drop Rambi with the A button. Make sure you land back on the higher land with that jump. Then, jump down and after some tries, you'll land on Rambi at the same time as you land in the barrel. This will freeze the camera, most of the time on the area where you land, but some of the time by the barrel. You can now run off the screen to the right and the camera won't follow you. The oil drums that exist in that area don't block your way and you keep on running until you fall into the ditch where I think you found Rambi. To bring the camera back to you and see a nice view of all the land you covered, push A to get off Rambi. The camera will zoom over to you.

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine

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