From the game Star Fox: Assault for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Go to any map with Arwings or Wolfens available (Arwings are easier to use for this glitch). Go to the edge of the map, and brake right before the barrier that forces you to flip back into the map. Turn around just enough to allow you to perform a back flip out of the map. This will probably take you many tries to get right because if you brake for too long, you won't have enough energy to perform the back flip. If done right, the Arwing will keep on going outwards forever. You cannot get out, move, etc. You can only shoot, and you cannot be killed. This is because you are "stuck" in a flip. Cheap way to win Crown Capture, anyone? Video here. (Note: The person that made this video used Action Replay for infinite energy.)

Submitted by: Matt

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