From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

Go to any level that has Yoshi, and enemies that you can make him eat. Get a considerable distance away from the enemy, and make Yoshi lash his tongue at it. Before the enemy reaches Yoshi's mouth, jump off of Yoshi, then get back on. The enemy that you were supposed to have eaten will be floating in the air, still walking, or moving, but not getting anywhere. Now, try sticking Yoshi's tongue out again. On the tongue's way back, the enemy will suddenly appear on its tongue and be eaten. If you do it with the duck-like badguys in Gelato Beach, when you spray them with water, they will fall down onto the ground instead of into the ground. You will be able to go through them. However, if you jump at the badguy when it is floating and awake, you can get hurt.

Submitted by: Dyn721

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