From the game Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube

Get the grey turbo nozzle box and then go to the middle of Delfino Plaza where there are docks and water, near the Shine tower. Go to the corner with the box on top of it. Jump into the water and swim underneath the dock holding the box. Swim at the inside corner at the surface of the water and use the turbo nozzle. While using the turbo, jump and you should jump through the dock into the big brown box above you. Let go of the turbo. Now, walk to the right. You should fall out of the box and under Delfino Plaza. As soon as you hit the ground, start jumping or you will die. Keep clear of the underground tunnels, or you will enter them and no longer be glitchy. Once you reach an invisible wall, jump, then hold the jump button, and you will float in place.

Submitted by: Mitchell VanRassel

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