From the game Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo

Beware - this glitch may damage / corrupt your game cartridge

Have Relm sketch an invisible enemy, (works best against Darkwinds) or have her sketch Gau as he's returning, or the enemies prior to Kefka at his tower. Various things happen when you do this - characters morph into others, the menu changes, you gain new items in the inventory, and much more. At Kefka's tower against the three things prior to Kefka, I (referring to Andydark) had a party of Relm, Terra, Cyan, and Celes. After Relm sketched, Relm turned into a frozen morphed terra, Terra turned into General Leo, Cyan turned into a garbage block that kept dying and coming back to life, the menu format changed, I had the fire spell about 10 times over, and couldn't target (the enemy had died but I sketched while it was countering). The enemy eventually died and when I attacked as Relm, the game crashed because her weapon was a Fenix Down.

Submitted by: AndyDark

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