From the game Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo

Go into battle mode. Now, lose two of your balloons and get an item such as a mushroom (that lets you speed forward) or an invincibility star. Let your opponent get rid of your last balloon and as you get hit, use your item and hold the driving button. If the timing is done correctly, you will be able to drive around while "dead". You can even see your opponent celebrating their win and get items. If you shoot red shells at your opponent, they will get stuck with them but not affect them. Also, as a "dead" person, you can go through your opponent or any shells or bananas. However, if you let go of or hit any extra buttons, you may stop or bring up the selection screen. You can drive while the selection screen is up, but it's difficult. It gives you a sort of first-person view.

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine and Connie

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