From the game Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo

Go through Belome's Temple and get your fortune told so that you get an item (left, right, middle). Grab the scroll and then leave Belome's Temple through where you came (into Bean Valley). Now, leave Bean Valley with the paratroopas (once returning to the whirlpooly area, use the path directly above you). Go somewhere else (somewhere easy, like a town) and then leave it. Now, go back to Bean Valley. You'll have to go through all of it (fun fun fun) but at least you'll earn some experience. Now, follow the ants in the sand and go to Belome's Temple. If done correctly, the heads on the walls will have their mouths open. Buy another fortune, this time told so that you get enemies (middle, left, right). Now, grab the scroll and go forwards so that you get your prizes. You'll end up in a room with three chows and a treasure box, which is not supposed to be possible. Get the item. A trampoline will fall and the door will open. Now, kill the Chows. When the last one is killed, the trampoline will disappear and another will fall on top of it. Also, the door will go even higher. You can kill the Chows before getting the item if you want. Also, there may be a faster, easier way to "reset" the fortune telling. Experiment!

Submitted by: Glitched Symbols

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