From the game Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS.

Go into Stage 5 in Course 10 with Yoshi. Go to the three goombas and kill the goomba with the yellow hat to pick up the Wario Cap. Now, go to the top-right corner of the level (acording to the touchpad) and pick up the crate. Walk over to the red box below the Bomb-omb Baddy (according to the Touch-Pad) and break it. Pick up the flower to become metal and walk under the Bomb-omb Buddy platform and pick up the silver star. Now you should drop the crate you were holding and the metal should wear out (no matter what). You should start getting hurt badly and jumping up and down, so try to get on top of the crate. Even if you land there, you're not safe yet. Jump once once you're on the crate or else your health will go down very fast. After that, you should be standing on the crate in the middle of the water.

Aim towards the nearest shore, wherever it may be. Now hold down "Y" until you start seeing the smoke. Now let go, press "UP," and then very quickly press "L" and "B" consecutivly (again quickly). If you get it all right, you should long jump on to safety. Now go to the goombas again and grab the Luigi Cap. Now in the top-left corner you should see a silver star on your touch-pad. Right to the right of it you should see a giant arrow sign. Now get on top of that and backflip, and hover over to the silver star. Below that is another, just jump on one of the flower-monsters and hover over to the platform the silver star is on. Grab it. Now the other silver star is just sitting there on your touchpad, go over there and grab it (it's on land for once). Now the power star will appear, just walk over and grab it. This is pretty useless, but a good challenge.

Submitted by: Thor

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