• DavidJCobb

    Redesign plans

    July 13, 2010 by DavidJCobb

    I've recently been promoted to Administrator of this wiki in an attempt to revive it.

    This wiki was started as a direct port (of questionable legitimacy) of Glitchi, an attempt at cataloging all video game glitches in a single wiki. That wiki has become largely inactive, just as this wiki has. The reason is simple. MediaWiki is entirely inadequate for documenting every glitch in every game. Even MediaWiki lacks the organization capabilities required for such a massive task. This led to a very large amount of disorganization in both wikis, virtually guaranteeing that they would become unmanageable and fall into disrepair.

    My plan is to make this wiki manageable by decentralizing it. Wherever possible, glitches will be covered in other Wikia wiki…

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